Our guesthouse berge could certainly tell a story or two. After all it’s been standing on the same spot for the past 350 years. Before it was turned into Moormann accommodation it had several other uses, the first documentary evidence as a village bakery going back to the year 1671. Later the village bakery supplied the castle owners on the neighbouring Burgberg, before the building became a public house then finally a youth hostel. When Nils Holger Moormann acquired the property in 2005, the building had become so dilapidated that at first no one even considered restoration. However the plans for a new warehouse didn’t work out, so there was no alternative but to take the bull by the horns. Nils Holger Moormann concentrated on the individual character of each room during the restoration of the building. The historic substance was kept to as great an extent as possible and placed in exciting contrast to the modern, minimalistic design. So creaky floorboards come up against untreated steel, clay walls and exposed stone walls against large glass surfaces. Following a three-year rebuilding phase the guest house berge finally opened in 2009 and has in the meantime been distinguished with numerous international design prizes.