Swimming spots

The lido at Übersee

Here we are reminded why Lake Chiemsee is also called “The Sea of Bavaria”: Sandy beaches, panoramic view of the mountains and bathing areas shaded by big trees. In the evenings you can relax in one of the neighbouring bars with a cocktail at the campfire.

On the motorway to Salzburg to exit Übersee. Then turn left towards Feldwies. Along the lake side road to Chiemgauhof. Not far from there you will find the lido with a big lawn for sunbathing.

Langbürgner See

The lake district of Eggstätt offers calm, very natural places for bathing in the middle of woods. Finding the perfect place sometimes requires long strolls through the woods and some lust for discovery.

Go on the country road via Bernau, Prien to Rimsting. Turn right at Rimsting in the direction of Eggstätt. You can park along the road. From there you must fight your way to the lake through the wood.

Mud-bath Aschau

The mud-bath in Aschau offers a special kind of a bathing experience. It is not everyone´s cup of tea, but it is good for the skin and hair and it is recommendable as it is really pleasant and relaxing.

Turn right from Bahnhofstraße Aschau towards Bernau. In the bend after the children's hospital turn left towards Café Pauli. On the right below Café Pauli you cannot fail to find the mud-bath.

Open-air pool Aschau

Aschau’s open air pool obtains its water exclusively from the Prien valley groundwater. Situated at the south-eastern outskirts of Aschau it resembles a small natural mountain lake with its typically gravelly banks.

Turn in the direction of Bernau at the maypole in Aschau. You will see the pool near the rope course on the right-hand side immediately after having passed the place name sign | Phone +49 (0)8052/16 18

Swimming spot Schöllkopf

A marvelous bathing ground with huge old trees and a lawn reaching down to the water is located at the Schöllkopf in Prien. The admission for adults is 1,50 € and 0,50 € for children. Parking is free. Coffee, home made cakes, sandwiches, ice cream and drinks are offered. Bathers are also most welcome in the evening.

From Bernau on the Bernau Road towards Prien. At the roundabout turn right towards Prienavera. At the next turn-off follow the sign-post "Badeplatz". The car park is to the right of the farmhouse.