A walk around this lake, situated in an idyllic landscape near Aschau, is also worthwhile because of its surrounding meadows and forests. Follow the Kampenwandstraße from Hohenaschau almost until Aschau. Turn right into the Aufhamer Straße. Follow the street until it turns into a path and walk along the forest in direction of Innerkoy. Cross the Bernauer Straße near to the campsite. The track through the wood leads you directly to Bärnsee.

Duration: 1,5 hours round-trip | simple walk | The walk can be combined with a visit of Café Pauli.

Chapel's path

A one hour walk from Aschau to the Abendmahlkapelle, situated romantically in the mountain forestand perfectly suited for balmy summer evenings and a quiet rest in front of the chapel. Start from Bahnhofstraße in Aschau, turn right and follow Bernauer Straße for a short distance, then turn immediately into the small rural road in a southerly direction. Then turn off left at the next junction past the back the swimming bath and you will see the direction sign Abendmahlkapelle. What follows is a some 30 minute walk up to the mountain forest.

Duration: 2 hours round-trip | simple walk


Comfortable walkway through the pleasant valley of the river Prien in direction of Sachrang. The destiny (also popular for joggers) is an impressive waterfall in the middle of a forest. On hot days you can also cool yourself down in there. Turn right with the Burghotel in front of you and walk on below the castle. Turn left at the riverbank and follow the river and the signs to Bach. In Bach, again along the Prien walkway, walk on until Schossrinn. There turn right into the forest to the waterfall.

Duration: 2 hours round-trip | simple walk

Three Lime trees

The easy walk passes Pölching, one oft the oldest settlements in the valley of the Prien river. The craggy silhouette of Mount Kampenwand always in sight, the route eventually reaches the three lime trees. On the way back follow the Prien river. In Aschau's center at the traffic light turn left and follow the street to the parking area of the sauna. 200 m from there the western route along the heights to Fellerer through Pölching begins. Now cross the main street and turn left between the farmhouses in Egerndorf. Back to Aschau along the east bank of the river Prien.

Duration: 1,5 hours round-trip | simple walk