Cultural program


There are two weeks in august, when different places in and around Aschau becoming home for the Festivo, a festival for chamber music. International musicians are playing for example in the Preysingsall (ballroom) of castle Hohenaschau, or the Högermühle, an old mill in Aschau. It is really worth to visit one of the atmospheric concerts. Just one problem: you have to book quite early!

Tyrolean Festival Erl

The annual Tyrolean Festival Erl take place only 25 km away from our Guest house berge right next to the river Inn. Beside the circle of chamber music there are held as well opera and concert performances. The events take place at the new festival hall, designed by the well known architects Delugan Meissl Associated, at the passion play hall, at the parish church, at the guesthouse “Blaue Quelle” and several external places.

Herrenchiemsee Festival

Even the arrival by boat is a special experience. To classical music, played by first-class orchestras at exquisite venues such as the Hall of Mirrors in Herrenchiemsee Castle – an unforgettable music experience. The Herrenchiemsee Festival takes place annually for two weeks in July. Advanced sales begin in December of the previous year. Programme varies.

Kunst und Kultur zu Hohenaschau e.V.

The Gallery of Contemporary Art offers alternating exhibitions at the Festhalle Hohenaschau. Most oft them are introduced by an atmospheric vernissage. The programm is posted at the Festhalle.

Filmriss Aschau

Filmriss is a mobile cinema and shows Films in ever-changing locations in Aschau. The locations reference to the films contents. The films of different genres are shown at irregular intervalls and are promoted on the internet.


DASMAXIMUM KunstGegenwart in Traunreut is showing artworks from different periods, such as Minimalism, Pop Art, and expressionism. Beside the Artist rooms, dedicated to German artists like Georg Baselitz, Imi Knoebel, Uwe Lausen and Maria Zerres, there are as well large-sized main works of John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Walter de Maria, and Andy Warhol on display at the gallery.

Kloster Seeon

The monastery komplex in Seeon is regularly resurrected. From classic concerts, the Mozart Week and jazz music to exhibitions, art and literature offers the monestary numerous cultural events. See the event plan on the website.